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LoL--It's quite annoying at times when stories do that! The nice thing here is that we have a whole week to think, write, refine, sleep on it, and finally submit. Stories are often like bean soup, better if served the next day. *grin* Good lesson packed in at the end.
Wow! I love "parables" like this story. Especially liked the phrase: "pegged the clothes with words". Exactly!
Very creative. You've personified "Story" well. :)
Thoroughly enjoyed your tale. It made me smile as I imagined that impish Story. Thanks
Good take on the topic from a different perspective. Weaving that pesky and sometimes troublesome character 'Story' into it was very effective. I've wanted to make him sit in the time-out corner on a number of occasions when he annoys me. Great writing.
Just look what you've done to poor Story! He's liable to be banished battered and beleagered, all because you didn't concentrate. Next time pay attention. Lol.
Aaaah! I know how this goes...especially having to cut down to the word limit ;) I must say I enjoyed your personification! Good job!