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Great writing as relationships are described by the interaction between brothers and family members. Very enjoyable read.
Cute story. What does "having a unisex" mean? I enjoyed the affectionate banter between family members.
I love baseball. I loved this story! Great take on the topic. Glad to know that you meant unisex name...I was relieved that Dakota wasn't, ummm, neither here nor there, so to speak. LOL! Loved it...
Thanks for a enjoyable read, Dakota is quite the con-artist, is he not?
Bill, this is wonderful, I was engaged all the way through. Dakota, what a guy! This family knows how to have fun!
Wonderful! Great job telling us all about this family through an inning of softball. Funny and entertaining - Good writing. :)
Great depiction of family relationships in this one! Well written and a good job,
I loved this story! The interweaving of the announcer's comments and Dakota's con-game playing. Very well done!
Bill, I hope this fabulously entertaining story, with its excellent characterization, will have you sliding in to Advanced with a grand slam.
What nice people! You did a great job with this story! Kudos!
Not being a sports person, I was a little lost on some of this--and I never liked baseball when I had to play it in school. But the way you presented this family reunion story was certainly different. I could see each family member in their inter relationship with each other...But I am stumped as to know the meaning of that unisex mention. What IS unisex? Good story, though....Helen
ROFL! I like this family, it sounds like their reunions are a hoot! I was cheering for Dakota to go all the way around the base, it was fun to see him distract the different family members! What a game and what an ending, nice job! ^_^
Loved the sneaky tactics Dakota pulled to get to each of the bases. So well written, it made me wish I was there enjoying the reunion too. Nice job Bill :- )
I enjoyed hearing about Dakota's tricks as he made it from one base to the next. Good job, Bill!
What a character! I guess every family has them, and they do keep things interesting. Great job.
Congratulations on your first place entry! Move up to advanced! :)