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Amen! I agree and this was an enjoyable read.

This is wonderful. Such a sweet story! I love the line, "...she never worries if I sing off key, her only desire is to please me." If only we could forget about our own appearances and the opinions of others and only live to please our Father! How happy we would be. Loved this article.
I love it! I believe He said something to the effect of raise your voice and make joyful noises. I don't remember anything about it having to be on key. I believe what He hears is what we feel in our heart.
Precious, precious story. I was also drawn to your title. Great job!
What a dear story. This has potential for publication in a Christian magazine.

I had a parakeet who was learning French, but he spoke it as badly as I did! LOL. Talking birds are such little characters. NEW evidence confirms what I always believed; that they are not ALWAYS simply echoing what they hear, that many reponses are on purpose and most appropriate. I would love to have one like yours, but alas, my 'Miss KittyPants' would give him a heart attack for sure! :0)
This I one of the best articles I have read for awhile! I really loved it. May God bless you and keep you writing and also singing!

Mary Alice
Very cute entry and so true too! God doesn't care what our voices sound like, only our hearts.
Keep on humming!
Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Great story. I really enjoyed. God bless you.