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Wodnerful story (and sermon csuggestion) I was hoping for the rock; turkeys are just too noisy. Delightful read.
Love it! I'm horrible at grammar so I can't tell you if it was good but it looked alright to me.
This is so heartwarming and cute. You really captured the essence of a small child. I would hope that we would spend more time praising him than the rocks do. :)

I hope this one places high this week, because it is very unique and well written.
Out of the mouths of children for certain! Loved the beginning of this especially, as well as your wonderful final scene. Great job with characterization especially!
Great story! I absolutely loved it. You have caught the voice of the child so well and showed how often they are listening when we don't think they are. Well done, very well done indeed!
Perfectly charming. I love the "bulbuss tears," which in my opinion, would stand alone quite well without the "gigantic."
This was a delightful story. I agree, this should place high this week and rightly so. You did an excellent job showing the girl's sorrow. We saw it and felt it. The message was also great...let's all praise our Lord so the rocks don't have to. Well done throughout the entire piece.
(Footnote: I'm having problems with my computer and some of my reviews aren't showing up. I've had to type them a couple times for several people. If they ALL show up later, I apologize for the mess.)
Very sweet! I love the childlike innocence. (And I must confess, I did have a pet rock as a child, but I caught mine in the wild and decorated it myself. I couldn't see the point of paying for one.) Thanks for the pet rock memories!
Congratulations on placing 20th overall with this entry, Karin!