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Everthing about this flows so smoothly. You hit type A on the head with your descriptions.

Your title makes us wonder and is so perfect.

Like the repetition at the end of the first sentnece.
This is really wonderful. The transitions flow smoothly, and the story is extremely engaging. Love the creative title. Too funny. Great idea to make a clear point/message with your first and last sentence bringing the story to full circle. Oh, and I laughed out loud when you said John "looked like a cartoon character." What a picture! WEll done!
People like this give me the jitters. You did great using dialog and I loved the images you painted. Very well done!
I was exhausted just reading about John. I enjoyed the voice and the descriptions in this smooth flowing entry.
Very clever title too; well done TP :)
I know people like John. They wear me out. You nailed Type A personalities.
I like the way you repeated your first line and used it as your last line, too. It made everything fit together nicely. This was a good read.
This is a fantastic story. I loved the contrast in the characters- extrovert/ introvert and the way the conflicts were illustrated. I hope this does well.
I enjoyed your story of a Type A personality and a man with a Christian spirit.
I LOVED the title! And I know someone exactly like John! You've got this one nailed, no kidding. A terrific read!
Good job--both of your characters were very real, and had distinct personalities. Great characterization.
Oh great job here! I got dizzy just trying to follow John around and keep up with this fast-paced story! You nailed the type A personality-the ending slowed down to a nice, lovely finish. Great job! ^_^
I like how you tied the beginning and the end of this story together.

John remidned me of a friend of mine's roommmate. Unfortunately, he hasn't chose to become a Christian yet, but hopefully he does, just like John did in this story.

I enjoyed this, Tim. Thank you for sharing,
Congratulations, Tim, on placing thirteenth in your level with this piece. Great job!
Wow...I hope for John's heart's sake he can learn to tone down that Type-A stuff! Well written and believable.
Good title. Glad John came to acknowledge his need for the Lord in the end. The story was good, but lacked a bit of excitement. But great try. God bless you.