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A really nice tribute to "Gram" - and one little thing I might mention. A female Deacon is called a Deaconess(sp), I believe. Otherwise, really beautiful thoughts and an honor to a great lady. Very nice.
What a strong grandmother you have. To be able to endure so much growing up an still keep her sense of humor and love of life is amazing. You are blessed to have her, and she is blessed to have you.

Thank you for giving me some insight into your grandmother's life. I really enjoyed reading this.
What an amazingly strong woman your Gram is. A lovely tribute to her...
You have been truly blessed with a wonderful grandmother. I enjoyed the lovely tribute to her.
Nicely written. It's obvious how dear your gram is to you.
You really did a good job introducing your special grandmother to us! God has surely been by her side, for she has had to handle a lot of difficult situations. Your shared from your heart and that is very evident in this entry.
Yes, it was a "see-ya later." Isn't that cool? I think the same thing about my mom. Well done.
What a remarkable woman your Grandmother is. It's great that you are still in contact with her and that you share your daughter with her. Well done.
What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother! This is so transparent, I can 'feel' how much she means to you in this short piece. It gave me goosebumps as I read it. Thanks for sharing! ^_^
A few of these entries made me tear up, yours ins one of them. what a special lady and how fortunate you are. Keep writing.
What a blessing to have such a heritage to pass on to the next generation! Precious memories, how they linger...