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Brilliant!!! You've illustrated a thought I have shared for years. The one thing everyone wants on this earth is not 'love' as is often procalimed but for someone to care about what they have to say. So it is a mercy I give everyone. I listen to the hurts of anyone whenever they wish to speak, even enemies at times have done this with me. Thankyou.
What a wonderful grandmother. Answering a million questions requires care and patiences--such a gift she gave you. And such a gift you now give to others.
You speak such great truth in this article. If we would all take a little extra time to just stop and "listen" to each other, then surely there would be a lot less hurting people in this world.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. :)
Good story, a little nit-pick with the first paragraph with all the capitalization of some words that did not need it. The story flowed better towards the end. Keep writing.