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What a beautiful love story, and it's right on target topic-wise, too. Very fun read and nicely written. Good job all around!
Good job, wished it would have had a twist or two but writing was good.
Sweet story - it warmed my heart. Great title too - and right on topic.
Oh, I love a love story. This is very sweet and on topic. Nice job.
This is an excellent example of closed doors and open windows, I SO loved it! It was light-hearted and easy to read with a cute ending...with a cute guy. lol. So fun to read, great job with your characters. ^_^
Great story. Very well written. You kept my interest from start to finish. It's amazing, the plans that God has for us, isn't it? Thanks for this reminder.
I loved the references to Jeremiah 29:11. It is one of my favorite Bible verses.

I'm so glad that she didn't go to Denver. Being from Colorado, I don't think that there is any romantic love to be found in that city. Colorado Springs is probably a better place to look. LOL.

Thank you for sharing!
If this is a true story, spicing it up might be difficult to do and still stay true to the experience. If it is fiction, it could use some more conflict, or a twist, or something to take it out of the realm of the ordinary. Don't get me wrong. I love stories with fairy tale endings.
The other thing that comes to mind probably results from the nature of these topics, but watch out for cliches such as the door and window, and the frog kissing. With this topic, even some Bible verses have started seeming cliched to me this week, and that's bad. Please don't take this jaded two cents too seriously.
And I mustn't forget to say how much I like the humor you injected in to this story!
Good dialogue and I always love a story with a happy ending. Fun read.
Very sweet...

...and although sweet is nice, one of the most important elements of a short story is conflict; it's what draws your readers in.

Teens will love this--it definitely will appeal to those of any age who are romantic at heart.