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You packed a whole lot into this piece. Your transition from scene to scene was excellent, your dialogue very realistic, and I could follow both sides of the story line very well. The cloudy scenario is beautifully lined with silver.
Thank You, that through the storm,
You showed us the beauty of prayer and assistance, and You showed Angel what
it means to be truly loved.”

Well done.
From the Title to the end...a wonderful story of faith, love and prayer. Keep up the good work - nicely done and I enjoyed this creative piece very much. In fact, I loved it, as it brought out my emotions; I wept. Kudos!
I am amazed at how much you were able to cover and stay within the word limit - and to do so so well. I was absolutely engaged and intrigued throughout. Wonderfully done.
Wow! An amazing story. One of the best I've read this week. Keep writing.
You took me right along with your MC. The writing was very realistic. This was a good read.
Thanks for sharing this story. It could be very effective reading for many teens and parents.
Alot of story here. I enjoyed it. Were the shorter lines on purpose? Thanks for sharing your heart.
Emotionally gripping. You made me sympathize with the parents, AND understand the girl. You captured the rebellious teenager. Great job!
Wow, what an amazing job here. Difficult situation, but a great silver lining.
Wow, this did take something to write. There's a lot of emotion and tension wrapped up inside of it. The title got me though and I wanted to know if she'd be all right. I'm glad the ending had a hopeful note, you did good. ^_^
Thanks for this heart-wrentching entry. So well done and easy to follow all the details you wrapped up in such a short piece. Enjoyable to the end.
Total goosebumps at the ending...thanks so much for writing this story!
Oh my! It took some guts to dredge all that up and I'm glad you did. It was a well written and wonderful story with a happy ending. Angel is safe. I don't even want to think about my child in ten years. She's so outgoing already. Yikes!