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This is SO fun, so creative, so clever. I LOVE the adventure you took me on. I laughed out loud several times. This line especially caught me off guard in a hilarious kind of way:
That was strange, why did he wink? Bob thought.
GREAT for the topic and very entertaining to read. :)
Good advice at the end.
Very creative! I loved the story.
Clever and creative. I enjoyed this read.
Very clever idea! I've never seen anything even close to that here!

For a few of your "tapes", I didn't understand the connection between the kind of tape and the behavior of the Christian.

But I loved this idea, and the fact that you ended it with hope and transparency, not anything cynical.
Clever and creative. I enjoyed this piece. Keep writing.
Not my cup of tea, but I see you have writing skills, keep writing.
This story was not only clever, but struck a chord with me personally. The church that I used to go to was exactly like this; eventually I just left for another church.

The same thing could happen to other people, I'm sure... People who aren't so willing to seek out another church.

Thank you for writing this. It was brilliant!
I think all of us see churches we've been to in here! Such a clever way to point out some major issues we have in church.
Very original idea, but I got a little lost somewhere in the middle.Some of the tape/people connections went over my head. The message at the end sort of brought it all together for me.
Obviously a lot of thougth went into this, it was a fun read. Keep up the good words.
I think you've demonstrated that there IS such a thing as too friendly. :) Such a creative story - love the names, especially the pastor, "transparent tape". Nice job.
Clever approach to the subject. I also was a little doubtful on some of the "tapes" and the relationship of the name to their actions. A few more obvious clues for dull heads like mine might be good. But, in any case, this was an enjoyable story.
Like others have said, there were a few tapes, namely the drywall and duct tape Christians, where I had a hard time making the connection.

However, I really enjoyed this piece. It was very unique, and the message being conveyed was very clear. I have gone to several churches that had people just like this.

You have great writing talent. Keep up the good work.
Even the title is creative, this was really good. Keep it up!
So creative! I love how you had the transparent tape lesson--so good.
This is very good, and shows the problems that exist in a lot of churches. Everyone so welcoming but they never invite you to their home for a meal or even a cup of coffee. Almost as if they had "done their duty" and no more is required of them. Great way of illustrating the topic Tim. Well done!
Very clever trick with the 'sticky 'part. I was wondering where you were going with all the tape stuff and then I realized it tied in with the title! Nice job! I liked the bit with not wanting to fill out more forms. lol. ^_^