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This definitely taps into the genuine fear during that time in US History.

I'm not sure how the topic fits here--and there are some errors in sentence structure and punctuation that could be edited a bit.

Poor little guy!
A friendly helpful hint: To make your entry more "Reader Friendly" and not such an overwhelming daunting task...I would strongly suggest breaking up your long paragraphs into shorter ones, and then put proper spacing between them. I guarantee you would have many more commenters, readers and reviewers. With so many entries to read, we tend to skip over those that are not Easy on the eyes so to speak, a/k/a "Reader Friendly". Just a helpful hint for next time...keep up the good work!
A very visual piece - I could feel his fright. Very engaging.

You have good advice above, so I won't repeat it. I enjoyed this read.
This is a vivid story. I thought it ended a bit abruptly, though. Keep writing.
Good story - we don't realize how sensitive our youngsters are in comparison to the adult world. Great read. I also agree with the others, space between your paragraphs makes for earier reading. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading another article.
ohhh....the flashbacks to air raid drills...filing quietly to the school basement...all lined up against the wall....the horrible sound of the siren. Poor little guy! I can relate.
"Like a tire spewing air, one could almost hear the innocence seeping from young Jake’s life"--great line. I could see the grandma and boy so clearly. You really captured what it was like to be eight and overwhelmed by issues too weighty for little minds...