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Well written and I love the line "I'm sorry, I've had a bad week" we've all been there and sometimes we don't take answer "B" as we shun the Holy Spirit. Thank you for writing this with your feelings open. Reminding us where our strength lies and where we should lay our weakness - at His altar.

God bless and keep writing.
What a creative way to look at this topic! I don't believe I've ever seen an entry that takes this approach. I liked it.
A unique and creative approach to a challenge entry. Good job!
Definitely a unique take on the topic.

Watch your punctuation a bit - it was a touch distracting, but is easy enough to fix.

Enjoyed this.
Super? Enjoyable? Creative? My answer is "B" (All Of The Above Nothing better than a mind-boggling quiz that not only tests "your" Wisdom Skills, but gives you some Words of Wisdom from up above as well. I enjoyed this "change of pace" entry...keep up the good work! Kudos my friend, Kudos!
Did I miss the topic? It was different but a little preachy to me, but as we all know, that's just my opinion. Keep writing.
Congratulations my friend! Kudos! The answer is Semper Fi! (*.*)!
I love this (taking a quiz is such fun, and a sure grabber for this reader)! How delightful to see your name up in lights in the winners' circle, Paul. I'm glad our mutual friend, Marilyn, introduced me to your writing. Congratulations!
Congratulations on getting "Highly Commended" this week. The format of your entry was very unique. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!
Can't contact you as you don't answer your email. Written you 13 times in past five days..zilch, zero, nada, nothing in can't answer your question. You're doing good- see your name often in the tops. Keep on keeping on; and thanks for the comment. (*.*)! Semper fi