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What a terrific analogy...I will never forget it. Creative tie-in to the topic. I think you could have even expanded it.

One suggestion. Your ending line was very insightful, but it brought up a new analogy. It would've put the cherry on the top if you would have ended it with your original analogy in some way, maybe even tying in your title or something.

In Him alone can we go from being victims to becoming victorious!
Wow! Amen.
I liked your article. There may not be a future in your past, but isn't it good to know He can take your future and change your past? No longer a victim but a victor. God Bless
We used to sing a chorus, "Open my eyes, Lord..." and follow up that verse with "Open my ears, Lord..." Sight and hearing are often linked. Good work. Stay with it. God bless.
This is excellent writing and a truly great devotional. Fits the topic well, too. One of my favs this week.
I enjoyed this clear, concise devotion, so full of timeless wisdom. Including my life verse, (though you couldn't have known that,) was great, too. :-)
This wonderful article reminds me of Romans 8:38 and 39--
Did you know that there is one major thing missing on Paul's list? Check it out:
He mentions 'nor things present, nor things to come' but he left out THE PAST! Do you see it? Our problem is that while God forgets, we remember. We remember and feel guilty about some sin that's not there any more in God's eyes!
Congratulations, Laraine, for placing sixth in your level. Great work!