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This was quite clever and got a chuckle out of me several times...

I can't find a strong tie-in to the topic without a stretch.

The creativity that the Lord has given you is AMAZING, and I look forward to seeing more of it. :)
Excellent! Bravo.
To say your poem is clever is an understatement. I love it! What a cute piece :D
I enjoyed the poem, but the story leading up to the poem made me feel sorry for MC. It was probably suppose to be humourous but it fell flat to me.
I sympathized with your situation. Computers can be so frustrating! What I really loved was your poem, though. You have great talent here and I hope you continue to pursue it.
This was fun. I actually spotted the topic twice, once when "himself" was upset and thoughtless about his malfunctioning mouse, and then when her mouse was appropriated.
I liked the line about angry cat noises.
'DOS' this mean I need a mouse to write my comment? I love the song! There is no use crying over a spilt--in this case--stolen mouse! I can almost imagine the mouse dancing... returning to its rightful owner!
Fiona, this is delightful! I can't think how I missed it a few weeks ago. I plan to feature it for the Front Page Showcase for the week of March 24. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home page, and keep writing!
No! You can't live with Himself...I live with Himself!
I absolutely loved this; the poem/song ditty made me laugh out loud. I am so glad that I noticed it on the front page this was wonderfully creative and funny. Thanks!
Oh Fiona, I can see why this was showcased! So funny! I loved the poem/song and the more I read, the more I laughed. I hope you bought a second mouse for just such a time as this in the future. Naughty 'Himself', I think you might need to set a mousetrap.
Fiona, this was absolutely great! Congratulations on your showcase! I love the voice of your MC, and you're right - who can understand the computer jargon of those stupid manuals! (Yes, I believe that our guardian angels have a bit of a laugh at us now and then! :D)
Very good and funny. Having struggled years ago with "dos" myself i really can offer you my sympathy! Nice piece for the showcase.
What fun to read! I hope you were finally given your mouse back. Who would have thought there'd be so much commotion over a "dead mouse". Congrats on being the FW Frontpage Showcase author!