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Love your story, it's so much like kids of today. Good writing.
Great title, very good job with the conflicts of a brand new Christian.

My only nitpick is that in a few places, you omitted a comma where one is needed to set off a clause. Just a sprinkling of commas here and there will kick up your writing skills a notch.

Love the character development here.
Good job! And I love how the title ties in.
A thought-provoking piece. Great take on the topic.
Well done. I enjoyed your story.
I like the optomistic tone of this piece.
While being born again can bring dramatic changes in short order, the MC seemed to have had a quicker change of voice, word choices, etc., than I might expect.
"Everybody I Hung out with" took me off guard at first...but then I got over the "hanged with" and let myself enjoy your story of "Bitter Sweet Touch Stuff"...Keep up the good work. Practice makes perfect! Nicely done.