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Nice story and illustration. I don't think it needed the didactic bit at the end. It was powerful enough to speak on its own.
i liked the piece, but wondered at the bottom of it about the part "Isn't that the Christian life?".... the wanting what we cannot have, or wanting the prettily wrapped temptations is not exclusive to Christians. Agree?
Ooooh! I was with her wanting to see and know what was so special about purple plates. Wow, the ending was good. Nice job and especially with the realistic inner dialouge of your MC, it had a good you-are-there atmosphere. ^_^
I liked the part at the end - the tie-in to our Christian lives, though I'm still mulling over the imagery you used. I get it - I just think this could be massaged a little. (what part of Christ/Christian life is the brown sack?) I like this - that's why I'm thinking it over.

Anyway, great MC voice. I had to resist the urge to cheat and skip to the end to find out about the plates.
The first part of this entry is very enjoyable to read! I like the voice of your MC and the descriptions of what she just had to have. I'm in the first camp, though, about the ending. I think it's plenty powerful in message without the added devotional style paragraphs. Your MC is very likable and her desire to own something she thinks she needs is really well described.
Suddenly, I really want some purple plates. Love the casual, first person voice. Congrats on your H.C., CeCe! : Love, Cat