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You attracted me to your story with your title (my name) and then it was so fun to read, but sad. Not being a southern girl though, some of this was hard for me, but that is not your writing skill, but my reading skill.
The dialouge is very interestingly flavored! The song near the end was interesting, it combined with the story. So sad that it turned out that way though, the ending had a hint of humor in it though, good job! ^_^
Looks like Ma Brown's golden promises of confidence were as empty as the producer's were of fame and fortune. Nice double depiction of the topic.
Well done on the dialogue. You kept my interest throughout the story. Great illustrations of the topic.
I just done love hearing tell that story of Becky Lynn going downtown to Nashville, an' I won't tell no-one what she done down there neither. Love the Southern voice and characters so beautifully depicted. I just had to read that darn story right out loud so I could hear what they was a-saying fer maself. Now I jus' wonders if you got some more stories where that one came from 'cause they's a great readin'.