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If only they would listen.
Thanks for sharing a touching testimony.
Nice take on the topic. I'd have loved a bit more telling of the story - you summarised in parts what I'd have liked to live with you. GOod message.
Wow, powerful message. I agree, I wanted to hear more of your testimony. I'd bet you could fill in the gaps with lots of stories. Good work.
In your first paragraph, I couldn't tell if there was more than 1 speaker or not with your usage of quotation marks. Good testimony.
Powerful and moving testimony. I was really touched by the "fourteen times."

In your first paragraph, you don't need to close off each sentence with its own quotation marks. One when you start talking, and one when you're done is sufficient.

I'd love to read more of this--I think you have a lot more to tell.
What a heartfelt story! I sensed the depth of compassion that longed to show these youngsters the way out and spare them the agony. It's a common story today, not only on the drug scene. Well told.