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Well written and holds the attention well.
Very vivid, evocative writing. I was engrossed.
Very nice story. It kept my attention all the way through, too. Keep writing!
Great work on this story! You really draw the reader in. Your message is powerful.
Naye, I so enjoy our entries. Your heart just beats through your fingers when you write. A real blessing. God bless you, Faithwriter.
What a tremendous burden our men and women are carrying for this country. Your story is a reminder that they're on the job still, living with their memories. God sees them all and can give them comfort no one else can.
I had an uncle who was a chaplain, so this story really touched captured every emotion perfectly.

FYI--"alter" means to change; "altar" is the church furnishing.

I know a young man with PTS, and this piece nudged me to pray for him again.
I loved the realistic picture of PTSD, and the courage it takes to share the experience with others.
Terrific story
The dream in here was so vivid! Wow. Very intense. I'm glad this guy was able to help those families. What a great comfort.
The dream you presented so vividly was one to really wake us up to our need to pray for our chaplains. Thank you.
Great job, Naye! I still have a little army man (like little boys play with, the little plastic ones) sitting on my kitchen window sill to remind me of our troops. They're special people!! Hugs!
Naye, your faith and talent shine through in this piece. It puts flesh and blood and honest emotions on the words of scripture. It helps to bring the word alive and real to those who are yet on the sidelines of understanding. Keep up the great work!
I can't imagine the horrors a chaplain on the war front has to deal with. You portrayed this chaplain's thoughts and feelings so well.
This is very well written. It is so original. I really appreciate hearing this man's story. What a great lesson! Excellent.