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A good explanation here.

Some suggestions: Your title is very good. Maybe you could tie it in with your conclusion. Also the word "evangelism" is repeated a lot in the opening paragraph. Maybe you could put a pronoun in there and possibly a word change for variety....

These are just tiny critiques. You're really on to something with the problem in the church of evangelizing. If we disciple the believers, the preaching of the gospel will grow as a result. Great points!
After re-reading, I do see where you tied the title in at the end....I would've just like to see it in the ending sentence since it was such a great title. (Now I'm sounding nit-picky)... ;)
Very good point that we all need to be reminded of frequently!
This is a wonderful article...very clearly conveyed message.
When we are save, we are also to be changed and live a separate and holy life. Your article reminds of the "Great Commission" where Jesus told his disciples to go into the world and preach and teach His Word.
Enjoyed reading this.

God Bless