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A different approach to the New Year from what one usually encounters- asking God for things or changes in the coming year rather than resolving to do/change things on one's own. It really made me think.

A couple of quick critiques. This is the time of year "when" you make your list (rather than where). The sentence which begins "To be honest" might be a little easier for the reader if it were broken into 2 sentences. Lastly, when you speak about going to your friend's place of employment, there needs to be a possessive in there somewhere. I must admit though, I'm not sure if it should be "saint's of the church place" or "saint of the church's place." I can't quite figure out something that sounds right.

All in all a very well written piece that just needs a little tweaking. God bless your year.
Fellowshipping with other members of your church is a heartwarming experience. Don't be disappointed if you don't get that jaguar next year. God knows best.
If only two things were left off your list I think you are ahead of everyone else. Those are big ticket items and I believe it very possible that God wants His children to have the desires of their hearts. I have learned, though, that God loves to teach His children to wait. Nicely done and interesting to read.