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Great descriptions - and contrast, of the two fellowship experiences. I so ached for this woman and her children.
You did an effective job communicating the contrast, because I was so disturbed by the first church that I had a difficult time shifting to the blessing of the latter experience. I truly HOPE that is not based on a true story, because it broke my heart. Praise the Lord for wonderful churches like the latter, however, and for the bonding fellowship one can be a part of as believers. Thanks for writing this.
Sad to say, there are churches like that out there.
Truly a sad story if true. A local church shepard(pastor) is responsible for how his flock behaves. That was the real lesson here. The pastor of the first church will held accountable for the actions of his body of believers. It always goes back to the head.
A powerful lesson and one we all need to remember. I felt sympathy for your MC, and was glad she found the right church in the end. Kudos.
Your contrast between the churches does reflect the leadership, unfortunately. I'm glad you put a happy ending on this story, but it's an example of what not to do AND what to do as a congregation.
Oh, this is heartbreaking and more so to know it's true. Spending most of my life in the same church, I didn't know churches like the first one existed. I admire your perserverance to find a true church for you and your sons.
Wow, talk about the cold shoulder. This is one thought-provoking piece! The contrast is so vivid, I wanted to tell Rachel to just hang in there that it would all be 'better' soon. Good job. ^_^