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God certainly has His own agenda. Very nice...
Sometimes the only time we can hear God is when our own voices are quiet. Liked hearing it from this perspective....
I enjoyed this piece very much, and I feel you have more to say, dratted 750 limit!
Powerful... great title.. great story.. inspiring lesson and creatively written... thank you.
I enjoyed this story--an intriguing experience! Am curious as to why the pastor can't speak (what his condition is).

In paragraph 4, the word "portray" should be "convey."

Beautifully vivid descriptions of God's voice.

Great title--it really sparked my curiosity!
Extremely intriguing--and the last half is quite moving.

A few things--the title doesn't do this piece justice--you want something much more lyrical for a piece that ends so beautifully. Also, the situation (a mute pastor, an electronic voice) is so unusual that the first time through, the reader is a bit preoccupied with finding out what's wrong with him. If you just let us know right away, then we can concentrate on your wonderful story.
Very creative entry - love the ending. A bit of polish in the beginning could strengthen this even more. Great writing.
Good writing 'nuff said.
I was interested and captivated during this entire reading. I was wondering how the pastor lost his speech for 9 months, but found the wonder of God's plan wonderful.
Very, very nice. You kept my attention to the very end, but I still have an unanswered question. Was somebody reading his typed sermons, or did he put them on a screen or something? And how come he couldn't talk? BUT, in the end, the conclusion was so moving and anointed it didn't matter. I always love when God takes over. Good job! God bless.
I too would have appreciated more specific information at the beginning. Actually I think the lyrical part could stand alone as the still small voice of God.
This piece is intriguing and inspiring. I love the description of God through his voice. You made His indescribableness almost descriptive :>
Love the last half. The imagery contained in that little poem is very beautiful. You sure did craft an unusual piece for this challenge. The poetry could easily stand alone; it's very expressive!