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hu m m m, I think I remember that day when I only had ten pounds to lose, better heed that warning before ten pounds become fifty.

very good submission.

Oh I loved it! Especially the disclaimer at the end. Made me want some icecream.
You've hit on something that many of your readers will identify with! Only the descriptions of ice cream didn't affect me ... it was the one little mention of chocolate coated nuts that got me. I love your line about 'weak willed dieter' and your other spots of alliteration.
As an ice-cream addict, your title definitely caught my attention! I've been known to down a half gallon in a single sitting. My hips are living proof - LOL. I have to go to the grocery store stuffed so I don't give in to the temptation to buy it (even though it IS on sale - my famous excuse). If it's not there, I don't eat it. But when I know it's in the poor kids - they're lucky to get one dish out of it.
Enough about ice cream! Great writing and great take on the topic of "desire".
Blessings, Lynda
Well written, very funny!
LOL, cute! God bless you.
Great job. Made me laugh! I LOVE my ice cream too.

This article hit me! I took at least 3 days to eat a half gallon but it was hard to do.

My doctor told me I needed to lose 10 pounds to get off my blood pressure medicine. I did lose it and am keeping down there but>>>
I haven't conquered the desire for ice cream and chocolate topping---no nuts.

I was a good girl for awhile and would just buy 1 pint and took 3 days to eat that! Don't know how I did that.

I had just eated lunch. MY daughter wanted to take me out to eat! Sure! So what did I order? A waffle with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate topping, covered with whipped cream.

Oh, Well. I guess I am normal.

God bless you. Joan Morrone
Oops! I didn't
Oops I didn't really Eated"; I ATE it! Oh well, casn't win them all. Joan
Awwww... that was me... this was one for all of us girls...
Really love your stuff J.C. :)