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awww.. felt very Charlotte's Web-ish... thought it was a good story- expressed the theme and was written well. good job.
This is very touching and very sad. It takes a special person to help an animal friend over the Rainbow Bridge. The only thing I would change is to post a tissue warning. Well done.
I'm glad I followed the posted link to this touching story. Not a dry eye in the house after reading this one.
Well done!
Whoever it was who sent me to this site (on the boards) owes me for a Box of Kleenex. (*.*); but thanks - I loved it and yes...I cried. A delightful, but "sad" story of a dear friend's passing. Even a non-animal lover would love this touching story. Great Job of writing also. Very nicely done.
I really enjoyed reading this, a very touching story. Thanks for sharing and great job!
Your poignant and tender story holds strong appeal for the lover of nature and all God's creatures, but especially for those like me who have an affinity for horses.
08/08/07's always sad to have to say goodbye to an animal friend. You described things very well here.
I didn't want her to die! *sniff* it's so hard to say goodbye the animal companions that have left thier little marks on our hearts. Light and heartfelt. Good job. ^_^
Well, you know my heart is breaking! I share the same love of horses as your MC. They are such magnificent animals, maybe that is why they leave such a magnificent hole in our hearts when they are called away. I love the way you came to grips with your grief and that you were such a caring steward of Fancy. Personally, I think she's up in one of those green pastures in heaven, grazing and waiting to see you again!
Last year we too lost our 34 year-old mare. You have prefectly captured the emotions of both humans and the other animals. Our mare's name was Summers Fancy.
Was SURE I had commented on this! (sorry, dear friend!) This is, I think, your best so far - just excellent my friend.