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This is transparency at its best in writing. I give thanks you were able to lead your father in prayer for salvation. That's what is most important. And remember that Jesus chose to keep His scars also.
I can very much relate to your entry. I have memories of my father hiding his beer under the seat when we got in an accident, and threatening me and my sisters if we said anything about it. I was maybe 6 then, I could actually tell many stories of the same kind of situations.

In some ways addiction can rob a child of their childhood. I agree with your sentiment that someone needs to speak out from a childs point of view.

Your entry was well written and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing this.
Really well done- and you don't need to apologize for writing so honestly. I would have left out the "I'm not proud... more palatable" stuff and went straight for it. Truth needs to be spoken in love, you did that. Christians, and non-Christians for that matter, don't need the truth watered down. I think you did a good job- I was so caught up in it I wasn't thinking about the technical stuff. Good job.

And while I'm sorry to hear this was in your past, it has given you a strong voice that needs to be heard.
Very appropriate title for this heart-rending piece! What a tragic story, but I am glad for your father's salvation before he died.

There were a few punctuation errors that some proofreading would probably take care of. Some people here have "Challenge buddies" that help catch these types of things, too.

Your ending was powerful and contained great truth. Thank you for sharing this so honestly. Excellent writing! :)
I aplode your bravery and your conviction. I also stand up beside you in support. Someone has to become the voice of those that are helpless. So many have had their childhood's stolen, writings like this can only help heal and give hope that at least one or more child will be spared the heart-ache and hurt you experienced.
Your story brought tear to my eyes. While I didn't grow up like you did, I understand your not wanting to drive w/ anyone who has had even one drink. I'm so glad you were able to lead your Dad to Jesus before he died. You told your story well. Thank you for being a voice that needs to be heard.
Wonderful title! Awesome job. The beauty of God shines when we speak forth transparently and honestly about the sin we've seen, both in ourselves and others, and tell how God has restored life to each scenario. Thank you for being bold enought to share this truth. May it minister in a mighty way for those who have no voice and to those who carry scars from childhood. Blessings, Cheri
This is intense and amazing - your descriptions are incredibly vivid and your words kick me in the stomach. This must have been therapeutic - it is certainly excellent!
One of the most moving first person accounts at FaithWriters.

Be careful of comma use--you sometimes omitted them when they are needed, particularly when addressing a person.

Your voice is conversational and frank, a pleasure to read.
I had an aunt who drove me home and she was very drunk. I'll never forget that ride and the fear I felt. Then the guilt of telling my parents about it, and having them confront her about what she did. Alcohol is so destructive. I'm glad to know your Dad met the Lord and His love was able to transform your father. Wonderful writing!
Very fitting title for a very important, albeit very sad, story. I could actually feel your anxiety riding in that car with your dad. So glad that your father came to know the Lord.

Good writing!
Congratulatiions on 2nd place dear! Wowza! Very to the point,frank and genuine and oh my Lord, how sad. This is way to close for comfort to some situations of relatives and loved one we know that this caused me to wince and pray for the many families of those in bondage with alcohol. Well done!
This piece is filled with raw, real emotions. Well done. Congratulations on the win.
Congratulations, Dianne, and I want to tell you "I get it." Isn't it wonderful that our earthly father is not the only Father we have. God Bless you and keep you safe.
Another winner. . . I had a feeling when I first read this it would do well, glad to see the judges agreed.
Congratulations on your win; this is a heartbreaking story of youth, and how you dealt with it. Great story, and you "tell it like it is" - honesty is the best policy - Always! Good job! Kudos!
This is truly a gripping narrative--well deserving of placing. Congratulations. The honesty of your words is sad, but refreshing. Just hopefully, someone will see himself or herself through your writing as the destroyer of a child's security because of alcohol.