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Beautiful and creative approach to the topic, really visual. Your title was aptly chosen too for its significance as one of the names of Jesus. The "Nazarene" meant "The Branch."
I very much enjoyed the descriptivness of your entry. Very Well written, I don't expect you will be staying in intermediate for long with writing like this.
Nicely done. Love the imagery. You did a great job "showing" us and not just telling us. The only thing that confused me a little was sorting out initially who had the branch-- but maybe that's just me :) Really well done!
Hard to comment on something this powerfully told.. except.. to say WOW!.. great creative way to write our familiar story...
Very well written and powerful.

Take a look at the number of sentences that begin with "It was.." or "It was as if..." I find that if I read a piece aloud, I catch those little things that are easily missed otherwise.

You're a very, very good writer.
Well, I'm speechless. This is amazing and heart wrenching. Very powerful writing. Well done!
Great story and writing! Love this.