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but realize the importance of our Savior and his amazing gift....thank you for this story....
I think this is often the price of adulthood! We love it as children because we are predominantly the receivers. Then adult status hits and we no longer see the reason but just the season. It's enough to make Bahhumbugs out of all of us! yet, I think the secret is to find ways to help someone you don't know at this time, someone that will never know your name only feel your love by the gift. That's the line this story got me to thinking about!
Thanks for the comments everyone.... I know I know... I should have elaborated a bit more, but I was a bit rusty. Haven't posted in a month. Yes! The gifts we remember and hold most dear are those that have nothing to do with ribbons and wrap. Merry Christmas!
This is VERY good. I really like the message. You said a lot with few words and you integrated humor in a way that made it a pleasure to read.
Most excellent! I can relate! :-)