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Ha-ha-ha!!! :D This was good! You really got me with your surprise ending! All along, I thought Kate was going on a solo hiking or camping trip! I enjoyed hearing about the truly perilous, but totally typical,rural Northwest situations she encountered! Your clear and vivid descriptions made this a joy to read! :)
I'm not a Wal-Mart shopper. I only go there when I can't get an item elsewhere. So this would not be an adventure for me. But you made it a very exciting read. The writing kept me into the story.
Very funny!
As a fellow PNW'ener I can identify with a lot about what an "adventure" it is just to make a "quick" shopping run.
Cute story with a funny ending.
Your writing really led us down an unexpected road.
Oh - I love this. Last summer I got to experience this area of WA with my best friend, Marita:) I love your ending - so funny!
Oh , Cathy, can I go to WalMart with you next time? Please? I'll bring the hot latte to keep us warm and cozy for the trip in. I cannot wait to be "neighbors."
Ha,Ha...I love the ending! What a beautiful picture you painted! I'm glad Marita is moving up there with you.
I LOVE it! That ending definitely took me by surprise. Praying you and Mari have a wonderful and lasting friendship (and that you BOTH move up to masters soon!)