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When my girls were little, we read them a book called "A House Is A House For Me". It was a fast-paced rhyme, like this one, with beautiful illustrations, and this feels quite nostalgic to me--like a charming Christian version of that book. Makes me homesick for my heavenly home!
Very good poem on our final home. I'm not sure, either, what it will be, but I know he's knows what's best for me. He also knows what I'll enjoy, isn't it glorious to look forward to?

Love this...beautifully written!
Whenever Susie is asked what she thinks heaven will be like, she answers, "It doesn't matter because Jesus will be there." This poem illustrates her point: Sure, we can wonder... but whatever it's really like, we can rest assured it will be wonderful! See you there!
I love your poem! Well done!
Very well written. I can't wait to see the place prepared for me either, and often think the same thoughts. Well done.
Beautiful thoughts of heaven. Good job.
I am not a poetry expert. With that said, I love the pictures and the possibilities of what our heavenly home will look like. There are some lines that I stumbled over though.

Third stanza 2nd line perhaps those instead of these?

5th stanza perhaps "He knows just what it is I like,
What will the decor be?

I LOVE the last 5 stanzas!!!

Or leave it as it is...all the above people thought it great ... and it is!
Excellent poem! I hope it places!
Delightful and playful. I love this.
I'm with you on the snake passages. Good poem, nice job. God BLESS.
Good has a pretty good flow, and is enjoyable to read.
I wonder that too!! What a lovely poem of imaginations. Great job. :)
This is really fantastic! Thanks for sharing these special lines!
I love this! I love the way your confidence in God's eternal plan shines through these wonderful words. Thanks for sharing it
A pure metaphor...loved the images of home that Jesus prepares.
"It really matters not, the size,
It’s just that I am there.
Securely in my Father‘s arms,
Safe from the world’s despair."

That's what I'm looking forward to! Good poem!
Congratulations on placing! This truly is a wonderful poem.
Congrats on your highly commended! This was lovely and well written. ^_^
CONGRATULATIONS on your "Highly Commended"! This is a very well-written poem with beautiful descriptions and an encouraging message! :)
Very nice! Congrats on your Highly Commended!
You already know I LOVE this poem, but I wanted to say congrats on the highly commended! Great job! Cheri