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Wow!! What an awesome ending! I got "thrill" chills! :D

I loved Henry and the other roboservants! This is a very clever and creative story with a sobering message!

EXCELLENT writing!!!!! :)
I really enjoyed this very much and was totally surprised by the ending!

Look forward to reading more!

Fun characters -including the robots :) Fantastic ending!
LOVED the ending. I got chills as well. I SO hope somebody really designs robots that will do this.
Science Fiction is just that, right? Fiction. So I guess this is pretty much in line with the subject when Jesus comes every eye will see this is good Sci Fi; a fictional account of coming events.
Wow! This was a good story, well told, with a nice twist at the end. Perfect Christian-themed sci-fi. I can just see those robots out there dispersing themselves everywhere and preaching. Kudos to you for a great story!
By the way, I forgot to mention that your story would be in my top 5 in this category.
Enjoyed this. Well written.
Well done - I really liked the MC, the way he interacted with his family and the "robots" reminded me of the same kind or love expressed in "Little House on the Prarie" I only say this because it show love is eternal and so is the wonderfully crafted message of this piece.
Great creative writing!