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Very creative had me from the beginning. Left me wanting more.
Very descriptive and dreative. Good job!
An interesting story, wish there were more to the ending -what happens next??? :)
This is very creative, with vivid descriptions. I had to force myself NOT to get too drawn in by the descriptions.... I didn't want to smell that smell!!! LOL.
Intriguing title and very interesting story! There were a few "mechanical" mistakes that proofreading would help, but your writing is nicely descriptive. I'm not sure I understand exactly what happened at the end, but I did catch the subtle message. :)
Very clever! I, too could almost smell the foul stench and definitely experienced a moment of claustrophobia! It brings it home how our sin must appear to God - foul smelling, slimy, evil. Great story.
Is sci fi and horror stories one and the same? This was excruciatingly real...and I felt the smell of fear myself; the gunk and the oozy ick; now I know why I don't like sci fi OR horror stories. But very well written...I think(?)
Well written. Very good descriptions. The story doesn't seem complete, however. There's no hint of a solution here. A little more info will make this a great story.