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I loved this story! Great humor--it could easily qualify for that genre, as well! I can just feel the parents' embarrassment when they realized their misunderstanding.

Wonderful dialogue and use of sound effects--I could hear that repeated "Thump!"

Just a couple typos--"hear" spelled "here" near the beginning and one quote with no close quotes after it.

The dog came alive for me with her puzzled looks!

Terrific job!
Ooooh, I think I found the right one!

This is adorable--written with an appealing realism.

(On a side note, I'm an AI fan, too--who're you rooting for?)
You did a great job of capturing the scene, building suspense, and bringing everthing to a satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed this!!
Cute family story. Good writing.
Loved this story - kept me intrigued throughout. But I still can't see how a son looks like a golden retriever? Weird...or am I missing something. Kudos to you! But still a mystery to me. Go figure.(^.^)
An intriguing story with good dialogue. It would have been more satisfactory if I'd known why the kid didn't knock on the door or use a key or am I completly missing the point here. If I am PM me. Having said that the story was tightly written and kept me engaged to the end.
Cute story with good description. I also found the repetitive "thump" effective. Good stuff.
What a clever mystery with just the right touch of humor!
I loved the thump and besides great overall writing, I thought the dialogue made this one just click. Great work!
Great job setting the scene and keeping the reader intrigued. Your sixth paragraph seems to be missing a word? And I wanted to holler at them to just go look outside and see what the dog wanted, for crying out loud! Maybe their son was laying out there hurt and the dog was trying to get their attention. Just the way my mind works - Good writing, tho!
Well done Sheri.
Great dialogue between your characters. I, too, loved the common "thump" thread throughout.
You did a great job of setting the stage and showing us what you saw and heard.
Congrats on #11.