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Very interesting & thoughful take on the subject. I enjoyed it from the Title to the end.
This is marvelous--I grinned at each new revelation. Really, really clever.

My only suggestion would be to re-think the last sentence; I think it weakens the overall effect. Like you're saying "just kidding" to your readers. Just leave it as it is--an awesomely written allegory.

Truly first-rate.
What a shopping trip! Smoothe reading. Good job.
You took me all the way through the store and I love your way of delivery-nicely done! Keep up the great work! God bless your gifts.
Clever and creative, didactic and truly entertaing. What more can a reader ask for, except maybe - more, please!

Great Job : )
Yes, you have, indeed, earned the title of "Writer." Your descriptions are sublime. Your creativity sparkles. You made your point well. Well done. Bravo! Keep it up!
Great title, story, and message. I liked your last line because it mirrors the spiritual journeys we take with God every day. When we look back, we can see how God has changed us spiritually, but many times we have no physical evidence that change took place. That is how I see your ending. You made the right choices throughout your journey and received the fruit of your labors. Although others may not see the physical blessings yet, you know the blessings from God are in your heart, and some day others will see them also.

In Jesus' Name,

This was excellently written with great description and wonderful analogies and just the right message.
This one is going on my favorites list. I just loved it. The descriptions were great, and the whole piece was fun, but with a message, too. BIG thumbs up!
Ooh, what a trippy shopping trip! Great story, well written, and intriguing. I liked the MC's thought-responses. And the "coupon" was great ending.
Too fun!! You did a great job with the setting and the personalities, bringing both alive. Maybe I ought to check what's in MY shopping basket!! Good job!
Great descriptive words, I truly liked your story!
So clever! I enjoyed the allegory very much. Keep writing!
I'm so glad I found your entry and even happier to read such a wonderful piece! I almost thought she was in a dream, but you made everything so real. I loved the names for the 'groceries' and the touch of the 'grapes of wrath' was hilarious. The title hinted at what was coming and I figured it was a bakery, but this was very fun to read! ^_^
Congrats! See you in Advanced! ^_^
Well done and congratulations on your win!
I would ditto all of the above comment-ers.
I love the truth you brought out: The rich things of God, those things that encourage His life in us are free to us. The hazards to are soul are indeed costly.
Way to Myrna - time to move on up. Look forward to reading more of your wonderful work - : )
This was incredibly creative. I loved how everything she chose was free of charge! Congratulations.
From your intriquing title to your overall concept, I was enchanted with your entry. Congratulations on your win!
This was simply amazing. The creativity you expressed here is just awesome. A very well deserved win, congratulations!
Myrna, dear, Mryna. Excellent work. I am a big fan of creativity. Congrats. God bless.
Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to reading this. A very creative, thought-provoking entry with a good punchline (without money and without price). A well deserved win. COngratulations