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A charming little character study. I'd have enjoyed reading more--and you had some more words to play with--maybe an explanation of the relationship between the narrator and Mrs. McBags, or some dialog to further develop her character. This was delightful.
Short but sweet I agree with JAN it did end abruptly. When did you take my grandma to the store AND why did you change her name? :)
Love the character's name - and personality! I would love more detail - you left me wanting to know this woman even more!
Sounds like a fun trip that calls for patience. But, I felt a bit of love for the lady in the narrators voice. Good story, but short.
This character study delighted me! I enjoyed the description of the main character--I could just see her--and could also relate to the narrator's frustration, since there are a couple of "Piddle McBags" folks in my own family.

Delightful name, by the way--and title! It grabbed me right away.

I too would like to see this character developed more through dialogue, and to know her relationship to the narrator.

Great job!
Interesting, well-drawn character! I enjoyed reading your piece very much!
This is very well written. I am trying to identify the style, another published author uses the same pacing - quite enjoyable to read, almost like a poem. I hope to see more of your offerings in the future.
Short, but sweet. What a delightful little lady! Though shopping with her must indeed be very interesting! I know a few who take the 'shop til you drop' to the extreme, you did a good job with the descriptions in this piece. ^_^