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What a refreshing message in our day of running young kids to activity after activity to push them to be the best at everything. Great story and interesting, catchy title.
It's always wise to go to God as we make decisions that concern our children. He knows the road ahead, and he knows best. Good, timely story.
You could have also called this 'monkey girl'. Great message - we almost went down that road with one of our girls too but we let her make her own decision about what she wanted to do - she was a bit older and was happy to continue while it was fun but later she pulled out.
Very cute story - I agree that it's refreshing to see a mom who wasn't pushing her daughter to perform. I also loved the different dialogues, Luella's internal thoughts, the descriptions in the story. It was easy to see and hear it all. Good work!
Very nicely done. I enjoyed every bit of it and glad to see a mom who's following God's heart. One very minor nitpick was the two girls' names. They are very similar and it might make for easier reading to give them names that are not so much alike. Overall, the title was very catchy and your wonderful story did not disappoint--throughly enjoyable read. Blessings.
I liked your message. It is so true that parents can get caught up in their children's ablilities and try to live their dreams through them. Nice job.
Although I know a flexible monkey girl who walks on her knuckle-toes (& has recently started gymnastics), the rest of this is fictional.

THANK YOU judges and commenters!
Great story and message. I enjoyed reading. Always pray about everything is a message that works for every decision.

In Jesus' Name,