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I am still amazed at the vastness of the Internet. Virtual dating and virtual hugs, don't you miss the personal, physical touch, that look in the eyes of the one you are talking to? But to each his (or her) own. With my busy schedule I keep in touch by email more than I actuall see my friends and my sisters, so I know. Thank you for sharing.
I love the way that you have brought the common thread of Christ and writing into this piece. It's a great tribute to your friends.
A very lovely tribute to your online compadres. The uniqueness of technology offers us even greater opportunities to add precious bouquets to our garden of friendship. Delightful and enjoyable read!! - Nancy
I enjoyed this piece very much as I can unerstand how you can become close to someone on the internet without even seeing him/her. This connection with others on the net allows you to reach out in ways that you might not have done if that person were near. It's a beautiful friendship anyway.
(((YOU))) I've just got to give you a hug! I, too, have made precious friendships over the internet. I know they were "GOD ORDAINED!" I sure hope your friends got to read this lovely tribute! Hugs and Fishes, <>< Dixie
And here is another reader who can identify with you. Physical contact with friends is great, and this comment isn't to detract from that, as your article doesn't either. BUT on the internet, you quickly develop friendships with people with whom you have a lot in common. It means that there is more to pack into the day, but oh, how rich life becomes. Thanks for posting.