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A unique mom! I could sense Jacy's conflicted emotions, yet there was real love between them. A nice story.
I'll bet all the other kids in class wished they had a mom like Jacy! I enjoyed reading the story. I liked the characterizations a lot!
Great job!
I love Jacy's reluctance - then her love exploding out as she told about her very special and unique mom. This was good stuff - thanks for sharing.
Cute, but I'm unclear on Jacy's characterizations. Why was she "zoned-out?" Why didn't she do the assignment? Why then was she so articulate about her mother once she started talking? Maybe a bit more showing us inside Jacy's brain would help to clarify. I absolutely love the character of the mother, and would be interested in a whole story about her and Jacy.
Yes, that's quite the mom! ;) What was in that white envelope? Did I miss something? Permission slip for her to leave early? I love peanut butter too, but they would never be allowed in my kids schools! Crazy! I can understand her initial reluctance, and I liked her warming up to the idea.
I think this mom sounds awesome! In some ways Jacy's mom sounds like mine...minus the motorcycle and such. Though, I do have to wonder, with a mom like Jacy's why wasn't the child more excited? There is also several contradictions--she doesn't bake, and yet she works at a donut shop...
I like this Mom. Off-the-wall and really fun. She sounds like a kid. Refreshing spin!
I could see Jacy was a bit embarrassed about her mom being different from the other mothers, but in the end we all saw that being different is not necessarily bad. The most interesting people I know are the more "unique" ones! :) I very much enjoyed your story!
Never knew I have been missing great writing. God uses us in our uniqueness.Thanks