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I thought your story was a very good illustration of how we Christians can often react offended or resentful, but if we heed the guiding of the Holy Spirit, we can experience changed hearts filled with joy and acceptance. That's a very important message - thank you for sharing it.
What a lovely comment on the way churches should choose leadership - not based on ability but on God's giftings and direction. Oh, that we would do that more often, and have attitudes like that of Chad. Thanks.
Christian maturity of a leader is very important especially these days when we hear gruesome news about leaders abusing their power. Thank you for your reminder and for sharing. Keep on writing!
Thanks for sharing this story. Chad may have been a recent convert but he demostrated a lot of wisdom and humility in how he handled the decision. Hannah Whitehall Smith says events like these can make us "bitter or better." Thanks for letting us have a glinse into the heart of a young believer who was adready in the process of being conformed to the image of Christ.
Thanks for this important reminder how we as Christians should behave when we are not chosen for the top spot. This was a touching piece indeed.
I loved the story line. But I was a little confused when he started from being angry on the church steps, which means he had gotten the news already, and I was thinking if the part where the Pastor told hm the news, then he went outside to "cool off" and think would have made the flow more natural? I guess I wanted to see how the human nature did that short battle between being mad and being positive "shown" more. But other than that, a great little story to show how "self" needs to go "last" if we are to grow as christians.
Chad is now one step closer to becoming a leader for the Lord. Recognizing pride and accepting the Lord's will are two awesome lessons to have under your belt before stepping into the shoes of a church chieftain. Very enjoyable story/lesson. Nice work!! - Nancy