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Very romantic word choices with a twist at the end. I was starting to wonder if I was in another century as the language was beautiful and flowery. I felt it was a good choice since it was a dream. Nice writing.
Your last sentence is particularly powerful, and really stands out. I'd like to read "the rest of the story"--how they find each other--some day.
I loved your romantic word choices as well. Very captivating imagery and language. Like Jan, it left me begging for more.
This sounds almost Shakespearean in it's style. Not it's word choice, though, because I could actually understand it. :) I enjoyed this piece, and I am also anxious to find out how they meet!
I'm with Jan, this cries out for a sequel! Beautiful writing!!
Your romantic word choices were so beautiful...I'm with everyone else - more please!
Awwwwww, it wasn't sappy! It was perfect! Great dialogue, good use of dialogue tags. I wanted to read more but was very happy with what I got!! Here's a peanut for you!!!
Such beautiful breath- taking writing. Thanks.
Yup- you're right -that was very mushy lol. Well written, but the dialog seemed a bit over the top, but kind of reminicient of Shakespear, done more modernly -if that makes sense?
Hmmm. I love romances, and I really like the premise, and, like your other reviewers, I would love to read the sequal. For me, however, the language was just a little overblown ... or rather, not so much the language, as the sentiment. Then again ... maybe it's just because I'm male!! I thought the ending was very good. It "earthed" the whole piece.
Beautiful romantic story. Maybe a little overdone on the "flowery" language, but very nice. Great job! :)
Very nice and indeed romantic, but not too mushy. Very nice job.
Sounds Olde English and nice. I like the last line and you wove a tale together nicely. Good work.
Very lovely and romantic. Loved the ending. Good job!
Love the "flowery" language - it fit the vision SO well! And I too REALLY REALLY want to read the "sequel." This warmed my heart!!