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Sounds a lot like my story. A few sentence structure problems and typos, but this has lots of potential. Great testimony - a kid walking with the Lord CAN make a difference. Now you have to tell us what happened when you changed tables. Blessings.
Nice example walking with the Lord, no matter your age! I would love to hear what you did at that table. Please expand on this!!
It's so good to hear that, wherever we are, whatever our nature, God can use us mightily and, yes, people are watching! It's a really good example of God using us. It's good you put in your resistance to be used because, so often, we bow out because of our perceived problems and totally miss the boat. You do have some typos and some missing punctuation. Take the time to dress this up, as you would if you were submitting it to a publisher, and, I agree: you've got the words to expand a bit more. Here's the mark of a good story: everyone wants to hear more. Congratulations on leaving us wanting more!
This was gorgeous. Made me want to do something for the Lord immediately!