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"You can't push a rope. You have to pull it from the front."--That's one for the fridge! This is a beautiful tribute. Dad's gonna love it! Good work!
When most people think of "Abundance" they think of things, not people. Nice, humble perspective. And perfect for the week of Father's Day. I love it!
Wonderful tribute to Dad! It's so refreshing to read this. I sense you could make the piece even stronger by capitalizing on the wonderful metaphor of "pulling" versus "pushing" a rope.

Try taking this theme (or one like it) and working it into your whole piece; you'll be amazed how it can produce a really strong opening and ending for you, and in between it can 'glue together' all the appreciations and incidents that illustrate his character.

Well done. Keep writing!
Thank you. This is beautiful. I wish we all had dad's we could say this about.

Keep writing and sharing.
A wonderful story with perfect timing. A nice tribute to dads of this character. Good job.
Nicely done, my friend; you've made me homesick. You are lucky to still have your earthly father - I can relate to your bride, however, as I too, am an orphan. Very well done -
You have made both of your Fathers proud!