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I appreciate the humourous way you bring out the truth of our North American over-abundance. You make us look foolish, and perhaps we really are. Great message.
I liked your story. I work in a grocery store. I straighten the shelves full of these products and I also bag the groceries and ask, "paper or plastic". So I had to laugh a little. We Americans are very spoiled. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Nicely written. MsHollyBear
We are so spoiled it's almost sinful. Thanks for the reminder.
I've always thought there are way too many brand names in the store. I suppose if they took any out, someone would complain--but perhaps we need to stock only the basic items as they do in other countries. Seeing this through other national eyes really helps put it in perspective.
I love this! My husband is from Africa and I went through the same thing. What an interesting view of abudance.
I like this. You have a winning style. It can use some work, but none of us are perfect.

I like the way you describe abundance in the mundane way we do our grocery shopping.

Keep writing and sharing. This was wonderful.
We are spoiled. Nice job of making a good point with the a little humor.
It's amazing the new point of view children can give us (especially those new to America's abundance). Your article made me laugh. Just needs some sentence structure revisions and this would make a great piece to publish. Keep up the good work...I'm sure those girls will give you lots of material!
How very true. What an excellent and convicting illustration.