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I ate dirt as a child, but only because I was playing with it. Thank God that I did not HAVE to eat it to survive. Upon first glance at your title I thought your story would be humorous, instead it was soul stirring. God bless you for writing this. We not only must be sheep, but feed his sheep and lambs.
I'm crying. This was so touching. The first part of this story is excellent. It fell off a little at the end, but I was already crying. Nice work.
Powerful writing! You draw the reader in beautifully as you describe the breaking of your own heart. Well-developed, flowing, and excellent, strong, opening and closing. May God use your pen mightily to move us all toward His heart!
Wow! I can easily see the images you portray, and my heart melts for the little boy who eats dirt.

Don't stop writing. This was very good. Well written.
Heart touching story. Nice job.
Beautiful job. I agree with Amy's comment that the end seemed a bit off, as if you ran out of steam.

But, wow, the opening is outstanding. You wrote about something that affects us all. Very well done.
Yes, very heartwarming story!
Beautiful piece - one of my favourites. Well done.
A very stirring story indeed. Keep writing for the glory of God!

Congrats on being highly commended.

Congratulations, Julia! You already know I loved this piece. Hooray! You're on a roll, girl!
Your writing shames me. It shames me for what I haven't done with my writing (stir others to action) and it also shames me for my own abundance. God knows when a sparrow falls. How can he look at this child eating dirt and me going out to lunch with friends at the same time and question my faith? It scares me. Truth be known, I should cash in all of this excess and get going on the mission field, yet, like the rich man, I hesitate and turn my back. It's not that I don't do some good things for the Kingdom. I do. However, after your piece, I cannot be lulled into a sense of false security. Yes, we will always have the poor, but am I doing anything OUT OF MY EXCESS to ease their discomfort? Ouch....but thank you!