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You write well and produce powerful images for your reader's mind. Your message of warning is very effective in this story format, getting through to a reader's heart much better than a sermon would do. Keep writing!
Very well written article and I can visualize the setting. I would only suggest you spell out numbers (five, ten). Overall, very nice :)
Very nicely done. I like the second line a great deal, about the walls sweating and breathing as she was. Very creative.

You do a good job bringing in the reader. You might try writing this in the first person. It would bring her emotions up front even more.

Great job and keep writing.
That "little voice" comes in loud and clear when one is alone, in prison or in a jam; prison officials know alot about those that turn to the Bible or listen to that "little voice" in's known as Jailhouse Religion. A very creative and nicely told story.
Jennifer, I enjoyed this piece. I do prison ministry and I know that people can make a bad decision in five minutes that can ruin the rest of their life.

I'd watch the overuse of comments. I noticed it especially at the end of the story. I've been known to do the same thing.

Very nice story about how desperate some women are for love. It's also a good point to talk about that little voice that we all have...if we haven't beaten it into submission!
this is well writeen. I liked the line about getting a black eye but saving face. that is rich.

also, the voice inside that say don't do it. I did it anways and it cost me, but God is gracious.

good job. keep writing. you're good.