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You have expressed this so well, I couldn't have said it better and I have lived it already...good news the kids turn out great and they pick up the batton of purpose from us. Well written, well said.
Absolutely inspiring! Are you a columnist? I wish I could pick up a magazine and read you every day/week! I never had the joy of my own children, but I have had to learn to love what He does with me in the little 'dailies' that add up to faithfulness. Thanks so much for this.
"We are supposed to be leaving our mark on the world. Instead I am cleaning crayon marks off the wall."

I just love this to the point of weeping! This is a masterpiece of writing, and you get your message across in the sweetest way: through the voice of your little one! I'm reminded of a "saying" floating around that goes something like, "I may not be somebody to the world, but I am the world to somebody!"

This entry is a good attitude adjuster and it goes in my favorites. Thanks so much!
Great work and congrats!!!!!
Wonderful encouragement and affirmation for stay-at-home Moms. Thank you! And congratulations!
Congratulations, Tanya! A winner on your first entry---that is impressive! I'm so glad for you, and for letting us in on your story. Welcome to Faithwriters, too.
You are a jewel! God bless you always
You are a jewel! God bless you always
Tanya, I loved this when I read it for the first time in the Challenge, and I love it just as much now. It is a message that so many people need to hear--not just women. The last paragraph says it all.

Because it is such an excellent piece of encouragement, I want to see it reach more readers than it was able to in the Challenge. So, with that in mind, would you be willing for us to use it as our Front Page feature in the September Issue of FaithWriters' Magazine ( Could you send me a private message to let me know if that would be all right with you. If it is, then I will also need a short bio note to include with your poem. You can find examples of other bio notes in this month's Issue.

Hope to hear from you soon. With love, Deb (Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine and Challenge Coordinator)