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Heartfelt and made tears form in my eyes. Well done and way too often true. The price of freedom is high and deaths so many.
Beautiful and poignant! Such grace and nobility in your voice as you enter into this couple's pathos...deeply moving.
It makes me cry! Great job drawing the reader into the story. :-)
This is very sweet and timeless. Well written.
You obviously love words, the tools of a ready writer. Technically, I find this flawless. Creatively, I think most everybody likes to read other people's mail, so this is a good device. In critique, I wonder if a soldier would write in this flowery a manner. Usually, less said has more punch than too much. If you put your talent to work writing a poem, forcing your words into a mold, such as a sonnet, it would be good experience in tightening your message. I see wonderful potential for your writing future! God bless you!
Gripping and heartfelt. Great job!
I disagree with the review that someone left about how a soldier wouldn't write like this. I thought this letter from from a battle long ago. I could be wrong, but I thought you were writing from a different time period. If you were, i thought it was beautiful, perfect and extremely touching. You did a wonderful job on this piece. I especially loved the part about how the memories are everywhere. beautiful. Great job!
Very well done! My eyes were wet from the imagery.