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Beautiful! And a great reminder to look UP, or at least around, so that we don't miss God's joy givers.
A rainbow - beautiful. This is nicely done and an easy read, with a gentle reminder. Thanks.
This is a rainbow of motherly Joy. It took me back to when my boys would marvel at God's creations. I felt the innocence and joy of this moment. Thank you for capturing it for us. So glad you joined the challenge!
Very nice job! You described the scene so nicely. I especially loved the ride to school and the snapshot pictures of other people stopping and admiring God's work too. Good reminder to us all.
Lovely article! I love rainbows, and what a delightful reminder to slow down and appreciate life.
This is so absolutely perfect, I wish I had written it! (boo hoo! --:) Except for "passed" (which should be "past," I think), there isn't a word out of place. What a glimpse of God's glory! Wouldn't you know, it takes a child (first in the Kingdom) to call us to attention at what really matters. You are destined for higher levels, and this entry goes in my "favorites," since it is too beautiful to lose track of. God bless you!
Perfect, I felt like I was right there enjoying the rainbow with you. Terrific job!
I'm blessed by this piece. I live the demanding, hectic life of a mother. What a beautiful image, looking into the heavens at the handiwork of God, and finding rest. I'm reminded, rainbow or not, to keep my eyes on Jesus. Life is peaceful that way.
Very lovely writing, I felt as if I were right there with you.
What a beautiful potrait your words painted. It is wonderful. Flawless.
Wow! The wonder of God in his creation. You took to the moment that you experienced. It is smoothly written. I look forward to your next entry. Keep writing for Jesus.
You are a "seasoned" beginner. Thanks for the beautiful journey of joy through the rainbow! Keep writing.
What beautiful writing skills you have. It was your little angel of three who pointed this lovely manifestation of God's glory and allowed you to pause and wonder. This is so marvellous the way God brings the more important things before us. This article should be placed where many more people could read it.
I am so glad I took the time to read your entry this morning. It's exquisitely beautiful! Your writing flows like warm honey - smooth and soothing. And sweet! Great job!!!
Sometimes it is the smallest among us who remind us what is important. Beautifully written!
I liked this. Such a gentle reminder that God is there and waiting for our attention.