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Well done.
This story was so touching. It flowed so well. What an ending. God really loves us and gives us comfort in ways we never would guess. THanks for writing this. Jan
The story was well written. You really caught the play of emotions.
Well done, touching, and kept me until the end. I thought the title was perfect, too.
Lovely, sensitive piece, nicely written. Could do well...
Beautifully done. You captured both this man's pain and his joy. Good job.
This was amazing. I could feel the grief. Great descriptions too!
I believe you will be moving up a level or two. This is great.

I love the title, the action and the emotion. You probably could have strengthened the piece with more sensory description. Still, an excellent job.
I have read many great entries this week, but this is definitely one of my top favorites. A true message of Hope. I agree with the comment saying you will be moving on up!
Dramatic story well told. Particularly the apparent abtuptness and coldness of the hospital staff. You handled character and dialoge very well. Great effort for this level.
Nice story! I felt the dialogue could be pared down,not so much repeating, for it to flow better. But you've done a great job keeping it moving forward, everything was connected, well put together. Very interesting, I enjoyed reading it!