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Interesting and disturbing story.

One question; if she strapped the boy in and pushed the car, why did she have to be told where he was sitting? Memory lapse, trying to be a false hero, writer's error?

Good topic choice, btw. Mental illness is often something only God understands.
Wow. That was painful. Mental illness is so scary.

You wrote the story very well. I could see the action. At least the woman had enough connection to God's Spirit that she saved her son after trying to kill him. He was her inner strength.

Well done.

Wow, what a scary thought....

Nice entry, though. Well-written and an interesting topic.
Good job writing this story about such an uncomfortable topic. You portrayed the fear of the mother very well but her change of heart seemed too sudden in light of the mental illness. A longer version would solve this though. You are a good writer.
Good description of the despiration and terror of the situation. You did a good job with a tough subject.
Heart wrenching topic - You did a good job with it!!
You're on to something with this piece. I love the way you started with action even though there are a few holes It has potential to be a very impacting story on the real problem of post partum. Well worth a rewrite.The end needs to be less simplistic in order to portray it well but don't give up on this piece it has definite potential.
This gripping story has a lot of potential. A bit of tightening and a few edits are all that's needed. Resist the temptation to wrap everything up at the end...allow your readers to come to the conclusion that you've guided them to. Really insightful look into an issue not often tackled here.
I'm sure you won't be in beginners for long. Powerful writing and a shocking story. Just one comment in addition to the ones above - at the beginning, I didn't really sense her panic - it somehow felt a bit too calm. But you've clearly got a writing gift, so keep going!